Maintenance Memberships

Trust D&A Heating and Air For Your Maintenance

We value long-term relationships with our customers, which is why we take our maintenance plans so seriously. When you sign up for a Maintenanc Plan, we’ll take care of your needs on an individual level and strive to provide quality service during every visit.

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, you know your air conditioner has to work very hard throughout the year. Like all machines, HVAC systems break down over time, which is why HVAC maintenance is so important. In the Denver Metro Area and surrounding communities, D&A Heating and Air is your trusted resource for heating and air conditioner maintenance plans.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans

There’s a reason we call our maintenance plan a Energy Savings Agreement: A well-maintained HVAC system is an efficient HVAC system, and you’ll see the difference on your utility bills. Those savings alone are usually enough to pay for the plan, especially in our area where air conditioners have to work exceptionally hard. Here are the other benefits of our maintenance agreements:

  • Lower electric bills
  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved capacity
  • Fewer repairs
  • Priority scheduling
  • Peace of mind

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Emergency Repairs

Emergency AC Repair in the Denver Metro Area

Your air conditioning system helps you survive through the Colorado weather for most of the year. It’s important that you install the right AC system for your home’s heating and cooling needs, maintain it routinely, and repair it right away to avoid further damage and discomfort.

For over 22 years, D&A Heating and Air has helped thousands of homeowners optimize their comfort and maximize their energy usage by improving AC efficiency. When your air conditioner breaks down, don’t delay, you can rely on us to repair it and restore your comfort fast.

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Residential HVAC Repair

D&A Heating and Air- A One Stop Solution for Your Residential HVAC System

Looking for the best solution for your residential HVAC system? We at D&A Heating and Air are the go to residential HVAC repair in Denver, CO and surrounding areas as we have an experience of over 22 years and have the best services.

From air conditioning to furnaces, we provide complete solutions for residential HVAC repair in Parker, Castle Rock, Lakewood and Aurora etc. We have many services that make us one of the most efficient and trusted HVAC repair companies. Find your right HVAC partner to see you through the winters and summers hassle free.

Experience Matters When It Comes to Homes

We understand that you always want the best services for your home and what we excel at is in customer satisfaction. We have professionals working for over two decades and they know exactly what you need for your homes.

We will give you the best advice and help you in understanding what your home needs in terms of receiving any service for either your air conditioning or heating systems.

Services All Year Round

We at D&A Heating and Air ensure that you are always covered and hence our dedicated team of professionals work 24×7 all throughout the year to ensure that you never go sleepless at night.

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Commercial HVAC Companies

D&A Heating and Air - Your Perfect Commercial HVAC Partner

If you’re looking for commercial HVAC companies in Denver CO, Lakewood, Colorado, Castle Rock, or surrounding areas, your search ends here. We at D&A Heating and Air provide you with the best HVAC system solutions. Be it a commercial or residential place, we have the best solution for all your problems.

We have over 22 years of experience and handle both commercial and residential spaces. Being one of the leading commercial HVAC companies in Parker, Lakewood, and nearby areas, we have the best feedback due to our excellent services.

Experienced Professionals At Your Service

Commercial spaces can provide a challenge for many HVAC companies in Denver CObut we have the experience and manpower to get all your expectations met without you spending too much. From the best heating contractors to the most experienced AC installation experts, we at D&A Heating and Air ensure that you have the experience.

All Round Services Throughout the Year

We also provide 24×7 maintenance and repair services so that you don’t have to worry about anything else. With the services of one of the best commercial HVAC companies in Aurora, you can be at peace, whether it is a freezing winter or a sweltering summer day.

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Tankless Water Heaters

Get A Tankless Water Heater Installed Today!

Going tankless vs a traditional tank water heater means never running out of hot water again, and the energy efficiency saves you money on your utilities. You no longer have to spend thousands to upgrade to tankless. We have an unbeatable offer for every situation. Pay as you go! Explore D&A Heating and Air as a Service program.

For all your water heater needs from minor repairs to complete replacement. We offer same-day service and upfront, straight forward pricing. From Tankless to Tank – Gas, Electric or Propane, our licensed Plumbers are experts in water heater technology.

Benefits Of A Tankless Water Heater

  • Have endless hot water – Never worry about running out of hot water again. Back to back showers? Just threw in a load of laundry? No problem if you have a Tankless Water Heater.
  • Extra space in your home – At roughly the size of a carry on suitcase a tankless water heater will free up valuable storage space in your home. They also allow you the option to install in other non-traditional locations like closets and laundry rooms. In some cases, larger homes can replace two tank water heaters with a single tankless unit.
  • Save on energy and water costs – Tankless Water Heaters use up to 40% less energy than a traditional tank. Manufacturers also make recirculating tankless water heaters which means you can have faster hot water to your faucet resulting in less water wasted.
  • Longer product life – Tankless Water Heaters have a longer life span of up to twice as long as a traditional tank.
  • Tax credits – Homeowners who have made energy-efficient improvements, including an upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater, may qualify for a $300 US federal tax credit.
    Increase home value – According to a study conducted by Zillow, homes with tankless water heaters sold for 4% more than their expected value. So if you are looking to increase your home’s value, adding a tankless water heater is a great option.

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AC Filter Services in the Denver Metro Area

Ensuring that your air conditioner is running properly and will continue to do so throughout the hot and humid summer months usually comes down to proper maintenance. Your AC system’s filter is one of many pieces of the air conditioner that plays an important part in keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. When your ac filter is not properly serviced and maintained, it can cause problems with your AC System. Dirt and debris can clog the filter restricting airflow which could then allow dirt to get on the evaporator coil which will impair the way the coil absorbs heat. This can cause even the best AC System to function improperly and can even lead to failure of the compressor or fans.

It’s important to have the correct solution to your heating & air conditioning concerns. D&A Heating and Air offers custom installations and replacements. We offer emergency service on air conditioning and heating units, refrigeration and air filtration systems, as well as commercial roof top unit sin the Denver Metro Area. We’re fully equipped to repair all makes and models of heating and air conditioning systems, including geothermal and solar HVAC systems.

We Maintain Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

D&A Heating and Air will ensure your AC filter is properly serviced and maintained. We will come to your home and inspect the vital components of your AC System along with the filter to ensure that everything is functioning properly. If your filter is clogged, we will clean it or replace it, depending on the type of filter your air conditioning system has. Having your ac filter inspected by a professional from D&A Heating and Air can save you costly repairs in the future. With all of the issues that a poorly maintained AC filter can cause it is extremely important to have it inspected by a professional. Once your air conditioner and filter have been inspected, you can rest assured that you will be cool and comfortable throughout the year.

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Indoor Air Quality

We Install and Service Air Quality Products

Most people may associate Colorado with outdoor activities, but the reality is that we still spend a lot of our time inside, both when awake and when asleep. Indoor air quality matters, and at D&A Heating and Air, we’re here to provide you with a broad range of air purification products and services. We proudly serve the Denver Metro Area and surrounding communities.

Every home’s air quality needs are unique, and the HVAC industry has produced a range of products to meet them. Some of the IAQ systems we install are:

  • Air Cleaners and Purifiers: Think of air purification as your frontal assault in the world of indoor air quality. These systems directly remove contaminants from the air.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators: These systems work with your air conditioner or heat pump to exchange stale indoor air for fresh, clean outdoor air, saving energy in the process.
  • UV Lamps: These lights use ultraviolet rays to zap away bacteria and microbial growth.

The Denver Metro Area’s Source for Air Purification

We understand how important indoor air quality is for your family. Air quality is especially vital for people with asthma and allergies, but it matters to every member of your household. Even pets have been shown to benefit from better air quality.

That’s why we take our IAQ services so seriously in light of our core values. We are dedicated to providing quality service at a fair price to every customer. We attend to your needs and expectations at an individual level, and we value our employees’ needs as well. Finally, we place great value on long-term relationships with our customers and do everything we can to build and maintain them.

Trust a Trane Comfort Specialist for Your IAQ Needs

As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we are a preferred choice by the manufacturer to install Trane systems, including Clean Living indoor air quality products.

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The Benefits Of A Humidifier

In addition to the obvious benefit of permanently preventing dry air inside your home, whole house humidifiers have several additional benefits, including:

  • Sleeping in an environment with a healthy humidity level considerably helps prevent sinus issues and dry skin.
  • Controlling a home’s relative humidity properly will help the indoor air feel warmer. You’ll be able to lower your thermostat and save money without feeling the heat difference.
  • Proper humidity control substantially reduces static shock and the dangers accompanying it.
  • Whole house humidifiers require much less maintenance than smaller humidifier units.
  • A home humidifier will help keep you healthier, save money, and create a more comfortable living environment.

How Do Whole House Humidifiers Work?

Whole house humidifiers are installed directly into the ductwork next to your furnace. They use heated air coming from the furnace to evaporate water. Then, fans in your HVAC blow the drier air across the evaporated water and then distributes the newly humid air throughout your home. As long as the whole house humidifier operates, it will continue to add water to the air circulating through your home and prevent dryness.

The best whole house humidifier for Colorado homes will automatically adjust to a specially programmed moisture level appropriate for the Denver-Boulder area (or wherever you live). You have a wide variety of brands and sizes to choose from depending on your home’s needs. A technician who can install a whole house humidifier will help you select the right option for your home.

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Heating Installation in the Denver Metro Area

There are many reasons you might need a new heating system. Perhaps you’re building a new home and need to find the right heating solution to keep you warm throughout the winter. You might be eyeing an energy-efficient upgrade for your existing system, or you may need to unexpectedly replace your current unit.

Regardless of the reason for your heating installation, you can trust a Trane Comfort Specialist to install the right system in your home. Trane Comfort Specialists are recognized based on technical expertise, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that you’ll get top-quality service. We’re proud to be this great brand’s preferred choice for heating installation in our area.

Heating Repair and Maintenance in the Denver Metro Area

When your heating system shuts down or refuses to start, you need our team to get it back up and running. A heating repair is serious business, and you should be able to trust the comfort specialists who will work on your system. While we work quickly and efficiently to repair heating problems when they occur, we also work hard to prevent you from needing repairs in the first place. Consider signing up for our Residential Energy Savings Agreement to keep your HVAC systems in good working order. Remember, if you still require a heating repair, there’s no diagnostic charge for ESA customers.

The Denver Metro Area’s Trusted Choice for Heating Service

In the winter, there are few things in your home that you depend on more than your heating system. You should be able to trust the people who work with it. D&A Heating and Air’s core values set us apart from the competition.

  • We always strive to provide high-quality heating service at fair prices.
  • We attend to each customer’s needs on an individual level.
  • We value the needs of our employees as well as our customers.
  • We value long-term relationships with our customers and do everything we can to maintain them.

Winter Heating Tips

  • Do not let your heat escape! Make sure all your doors and windows are shut tightly. Check for leaks, and replace old weather stripping or caulk.
  • Use your window shades and drapes to maximize heating benefits. Keep shades closed at night to conserve heat. During the day, open shades to let the sunlight in.
  • Add humidity. Humid air feels warmer than dry air. Increasing the humidity of your home also helps you resist winter colds and moisturizes dry skin. Ask us about Trane Humidifiers!
  • Much of the heat escaping homes is lost through the attic. Be sure to close off any attic vents or fans during the winter and check on how well the attic is insulated. Our technicians can help!

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Installation in the Denver Metro Area

When you need a new air conditioner, there’s one team you can trust: D&A Heating and Air. We’re proud to be a Trane Comfort Specialist, which means we’ve been handpicked by Trane to install their state-of-the-art air conditioners in homes throughout our area. We provide services for air conditioning installation in Castle Rock, Parker, Aurora and Lakewood along with Denver. We’re dedicated to providing great service. We start every project with a load calculation, taking into account your home’s:

  • Square Footage
  • Layout
  • Insulation
  • Load-generating Appliances

We’ll use this calculation to determine your home’s precise cooling needs and work with you to find the right air conditioner to meet them. We know Trane systems inside and out, and we make sure every air conditioner we install meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s specifications. Get the best services for air conditioning installation in Denver and surrounding areas at the best cost.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in the Denver Metro Area

When your air conditioner shuts down or starts freezing up, you can trust our comfort specialists to solve the problem quickly. We offer 24/7 emergency service, including holidays, to get your cooling system back up and running right away. We service all makes and models of AC systems, so rest assured we can help.

The Denver Metro Area’s Air Conditioning Service Experts

Whether you need a new air conditioner or service for your existing AC system, you can count on D&A Heating and Air to get the job done. We’ve been helping our friends and neighbors stay cool for a long time, and we’re dedicated to providing quality service for your family as well. When you need AC service, contact us to learn how D&A Heating and Air can help.

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