AC Filter Services in the Denver Metro Area

Ensuring that your air conditioner is running properly and will continue to do so throughout the hot and humid summer months usually comes down to proper maintenance. Your AC system’s filter is one of many pieces of the air conditioner that plays an important part in keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently. When your ac filter is not properly serviced and maintained, it can cause problems with your AC System. Dirt and debris can clog the filter restricting airflow which could then allow dirt to get on the evaporator coil which will impair the way the coil absorbs heat. This can cause even the best AC System to function improperly and can even lead to failure of the compressor or fans.

It’s important to have the correct solution to your heating & air conditioning concerns. D&A Heating and Air offers custom installations and replacements. We offer emergency service on air conditioning and heating units, refrigeration and air filtration systems, as well as commercial roof top unit sin the Denver Metro Area. We’re fully equipped to repair all makes and models of heating and air conditioning systems, including geothermal and solar HVAC systems.

We Maintain Your Home's Indoor Air Quality

D&A Heating and Air will ensure your AC filter is properly serviced and maintained. We will come to your home and inspect the vital components of your AC System along with the filter to ensure that everything is functioning properly. If your filter is clogged, we will clean it or replace it, depending on the type of filter your air conditioning system has. Having your ac filter inspected by a professional from D&A Heating and Air can save you costly repairs in the future. With all of the issues that a poorly maintained AC filter can cause it is extremely important to have it inspected by a professional. Once your air conditioner and filter have been inspected, you can rest assured that you will be cool and comfortable throughout the year.

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