Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

During the chilly winter months, you undoubtedly desire a
home that is warm and comfortable to return to after a long and arduous day.
However, on certain occasions, you might realize your furnace blows out cold
air. This situation can be both confusing and uncomfortable. Now let us
consider why this may be occurring and what actions you can take to remedy this

Thermostat Settings

Before you panic, you must  check your thermostat settings. It may seem
obvious, but there are times when the settings on the thermostat may be set
incorrectly.” Also, confirm that the fan setting is not set to “on,”
as this will cause your heating system to blow continuously even when it is not
providing any heat. So, make sure your thermostat settings are correct. If it
is a smart model, make sure it is programmed to meet your current needs and

Pilot Light Issues

If you have a furnace that relies on a pilot light, the
issue may be as basic as the light being out. The furnace cannot begin heating
without this component being lit, which means it will blow cold air. You can
look at the pilot light based on guidelines from its manufacturer and ignite it again. Nevertheless, if you are uncertain or do not feel confident
about performing this task, it is strongly recommended to get assistance from a

Dirty Air Filters

One more reason for your furnace to blow cold air is a dirty
air filter. Filters filled with dirt, pet fur and other particles can limit the
airflow that goes into the furnace. This decreased airflow might make the heat
exchanger become too hot and turn off rapidly, which will not allow the furnace
to adequately heat your home. Regularly changing your filters can resolve this

Fuel Supply Problems

Another chief reason behind your furnace blowing cold air may
be that it is not getting the fuel it needs to make heat. For gas furnaces, you
will want to check if the gas supply is turned on and see that there are no
breaks in the line. For electric ones, make sure your furnace is getting sufficient
power. At times, basic problems such as a tripped breaker or blown fuse can
cause the furnace to function incorrectly. Depending on what you discover, you may need emergency help from an HVAC repair technician.

Knowing the usual reasons for this, you can do some
problem-solving on your own. But if you have tried all the simple
troubleshooting steps and still have this issue, it is better to get help from
a heating expert who will find and fix the issue so that your home remains a
comfortable place to be.

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