Heating Installation in the Denver Metro Area

There are many reasons you might need a new heating system. Perhaps you’re building a new home and need to find the right heating solution to keep you warm throughout the winter. You might be eyeing an energy-efficient upgrade, or you may need to unexpectedly replace your current unit.

Regardless of the reason, you can trust a D&A Heating and Air technician to install the right system in your home. As Trane Comfort Specialists we are recognized based on technical expertise, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that you’ll get top-quality service. We’re proud to be this great brand’s preferred choice for heating solutions in our area.

Heating Repair and Maintenance in the Denver Metro Area

When your heating system shuts down or refuses to start, you need our team to get it back up and running. A heating repair is serious business, and you should be able to trust it will be handled with care. We work quickly and efficiently to repair heating problems, while considering how to prevent them in the future. Our technicians will carefully inspect your unit and provide the best options for you. Consider signing up for our VIP Maintenance Agreement to keep your HVAC systems in good working order and receive special promotions and discounts and repairs. 

The Denver Metro Area’s Trusted Choice for Heating Service

In the winter, there are few things in your home that you depend on more than your heating system. You should be able to trust the people who work with it. D&A Heating and Air’s core values set us apart from the competition.

We always strive to provide high-quality heating service at fair prices.

We attend to each customer’s needs on an individual level.

We value the needs of our employees as well as our customers.

We value long-term relationships with our customers and do everything we can to maintain them.

Winter Heating Tips

  • Do not let your heat escape! Make sure all your doors and windows are shut tightly. Check for leaks, and replace old weather stripping or caulk.
  • Use your window shades and drapes to maximize heating benefits. Keep shades closed at night to conserve heat. During the day, open shades to let the sunlight in.
  • Add humidity. Humid air feels warmer saving on energy costs, it also helps you breathe easier and cleaner. Ask us about Trane Humidifiers!
  • Much of the heat escaping homes is lost through the attic. Be sure to close off any attic vents or fans during the winter and check on how well the attic is insulated.

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